Molly’s best boy, Stormy, was having trouble using his litterbox. Not good.  He needed a couple days of hospitalization so that the vet could monitor him.  Care was intensive and though Stormy did not need surgery to address the urinary blockage, he needed to be anesthetized in order to have a catheter placed.  Several medications, IV fluids, and a couple days of monitoring later, he was able to go back home where he is very happy to by with Molly and his brother Cloud.

Linda’s cat, Sweet Prince, managed to slip through a door to the outside.  He found his own way home, but in bad shape.  He had a huge gash on his side and needed help.  Heart2Heart was able to step in and help with vet care expenses.  Prince had the gash, cuts in his stomach muscles and broken ribs. We don’t know what happened to this poor boy but he was carefully stitched up and carefully taken home.  He is  he is watched over and on his way to recovery. He was even eating , something we all like to see in our beloved pets. 

Amanda' s cat, Mary Ann, stopped eating and drinking and Amanda couldn’t coax her evern with special food like chicken and tuna. Thanks to you, Mary Ann got to the vet who did an FIV/FELV test, a smear evaluation of her ear. It turns out that Mary Ann had an ear infection that had become severe. An antibiotic and some ear meds have her on her way to recovery. She is eating and drinking once again. Another beloved pet on the road to good health!

Poor Taylor was having trouble: coughing, sluggish, not moving like his bouncy self. Poor Jill knew Taylor needed help but didn’t have the funds. With your help, Taylor got to the vet for some tests. He was found to have heart problems that can be helped with medication. Taylor has greatly improved, no longer coughing and moving with energy. Jill thanks everyone who made it possible for her to help her beloved friend.

Ahem, you know how uncomfortable it is to need to use the bathroom but can’t get to one? What if you could get to one and still not use it. Poor kitty Giraffe was having a hard time succeeding in the litter box. A trip to the vet brought Giraffe the help he needed. A urinalysis was done and crystals were found. He was put on a special diet and is breaking down those crystals, just in time to avoid a urinary blockage. Giraffe’s person, Marissa, says Giraffe is back to being his cuddly self probably because he is more comfortable.

It’s hard to eat when your mouth hurts and it’s hard to stay healthy when you can’t eat. Clarence’s cat, Autumn wasn’t eating. With your help he visited the vet and was found to need some teeth extractions. Because of your support, Autumn is now eating Clarence out of house and home and Clarence is fine with that! They are both grateful for your help

Janelle’s precious kitty, Muffin, was unable to put any weight on one of his back legs, due to an unknown injury. With the help of a loan and grant from H2H, Janelle was able to afford a visit to the vet. With x-rays, she learned that nothing was broken in Muffin’s leg. Muffin was prescribed pain medication and antibiotics. He can now put weight on his leg and walks with only a slight limp, on his way to being fully healed, zooming around, a bit more like himself.

Becky’s kitty, Dutch, was losing weight, losing hair, had no appetite, and all round just not doing well. Becky was uncertain of costs and considered surrendering Dutch to a shelter. Heart2Heart was able to step in and help get the vet care needed. Dutch has medicine which he takes like a champ and he tolerates his medicated baths. Well, OK, he is not happy with the baths. But Dutch is on his way to recovery. With deepest thanks to all of you who donate for helping keep this family together.

Brace yourself for this painful story that ends well.  Kristine got a cat from a farmer.  She named her darling boy Biscuit.  Before giving Biscuit to Kristine, the farmer rubber banded the cat’s testicles. Not realizing that this is not a humane way to alter a cat, Kristine left the rubber band on her new kitty.   The rubber band started to cut into his skin, causing him to have blood in his urine in addition to other damage. With the help of a loan and your donations, we were able to get Biscuit the help he needed to mend the damage and get him properly neutered.

Marcia’s only family is her dog Lark. Lark was in a great deal of pain every time she had to move or was picked up. Because of your support, Lark got to the vet where Marcia learned that Lark has pyometra and needed an emergency spay in order to prevent it from developing in to a life-threatening condition. Coulee Region Humane Society staff, who administer our grants, called Marcia to see how Lark was doing. Marcia said that words could not express how grateful she is that people in the community care enough to help her only family. Please take time to feel good about your support of Heart2Heart. We are making a difference in the lives of pets and their people.

Jed had heartworm which, untreated, leads to organ damage and death.  Thanks to your donations, Jed is being treated and is doing well, bouncing back as an sturdy, well-loved dog would do.  He’ll get follow-up care to make sure he is heartworm free.

Here is pretty Krista. She was losing weight and lethargic. Pam thought she might be failing. A visit to the vet, fluids, expressed bladder and Krista is doing well. We are not sure of the diagnosis but are just happy to know that Krista is doing well and Pam is as happy as can be.

Jason’s dog Dion needed to get rid of harmful baggage:   Six growths on the inside of his mouth needed to be removed,  a tooth required extraction and  a mass on his shoulder  had to go.   After 9 hours at the vet, Jason was able to take Dion home.  Dion had a little bit to eat then slept through the night. The next morning Dion was acted as though spending a whole day at the vet was no big deal.   Dion did well and soon Jason was on his bike, pulling Dion in a doggy trailer supplied with his pillow and blanket, so Dion could relax and enjoy the fresh air.  These two guys mean the world to each other and were in real need of help from some friends.  Thanks to all of us for stepping up to be those friends.  (Isn’t Dion handsome!)

This is the stuff of our bad dreams: a house fire and a cat injured in that fire – a terrible time. Barbara’s house burned down and one of her kitties was injured in the fire. Dahlia’s paws, ears, and face were burned badly. Barbara launched a go fund me effort, got a loan and help from Heart2Heart – everything she could do to help her cat. As a result, Dahlia got much needed help and is on a slow road to recovery. Dahlia is getting better but it will probably some months before she feels like herself again. We are grateful that we could help and thank everyone who made that help possible with kind donations.

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