Veterinary and Boarding Grants

Heart2Heart Pet Lifeline provides grants for the cost of boarding when there is an urgent need for boarding services to prevent surrender of a pet.  The same guidelines required for veterinary service grants apply for boarding grants. 

New Spay/Neuter Initiative

In an effort to help pets and families, and reduce cat overpopulation, Heart2Heart is piloting a program to pay the costs for spaying or neutering of cats and kittens at the Alter-Ations CATsNIP Clinic in Viroqua.   It is available to income-eligible La Crosse County residents.  People who are interested in getting this assistance can contact Coulee Region Humane Society.  The application is available here.

Heart2Heart Pet Lifeline Eligibility Guidelines

Coulee Region Humane Society assists Heart2Heart in determining whether eligibility guidelines are met. Applicants must take the completed application to Coulee Region Humane Society where staff will review it to determine whether eligibility guidelines are met.  If guidelines are met, the application can be considered for a grant award. Grant applications are available here or at Coulee Region Humane Society

The following criteria will be used to determine if funds will be awarded for an animal’s care:
● The financial need of the animal owner.
● The opinion of the treating veterinarian as to the medical necessity, urgency, and
prognosis for the treatment needed.
● The urgent need for pet boarding services to prevent surrender of the animal.
● The demonstrated capability of the owner to take responsibility for his/her animal.

All funding requests for all domestic companion animals will be considered at Heart2Heart’s
discretion. We will not cover farm animals, animals owned by breeders, or animals used
for research or commercial purposes of any kind.

All information is required. Only completed applications will be considered for funding.


1. The applicant must live within La Crosse County.


2. The applicant must be seeking assistance for necessary medical care or emergency

boarding services for a pet.


3. Our grants are typically $100, with a maximum of $400. Grant decisions are based
on several factors including: medical necessity, financial need, available funding and

4. Heart2Heart grants are given directly to the veterinarian or boarding business who
provides the service. Funds are never given directly to the grant recipient. Funding
pledged will be available for 30 days after approval.

5. For veterinary services the applicant must obtain a diagnosis and treatment plan
before applying and provide a complete cost estimate from your veterinarian on
medical care needed for his/her pet.

6. For boarding services, the application must detail specific circumstances, boarding
time, and estimated cost from boarding business. Heart2Heart will cover, if needed,
required immunizations for boarding but will not exceed the maximum grant of

7. The applicant must have investigated other financial options and provide proof of
financial need. Evidence of financial need can be demonstrated by participation in
programs such as SSI, unemployment, Wisconsin Works.

8. The applicant will be asked to provide us with a photo of his/her pet.

9. The applicant must agree to allow us to include any, all or part of your story and a
picture of your pet in our promotional materials. (We will not include your real name.)

10. A Heart2Heart board member will call within two weeks of completion of veterinary
services to check on the condition of pet. At that time they will also be aked if they
are willing to participate in a media interview to tell their story and promote
Heart2Heart services.

11. It is expected that the applicant will bear some financial responsibility. A copay of
$25 is required and the applicant is responsible for the balance of the veterinary bill
over the grant amount.

Heart2Heart does not cover the following:

1. Reimbursement for already completed treatment or help with an outstanding bill.
2. Treatment if you have already have received assistance from Heart2Heart in the
past 12 months.
3. Aid for elective surgery (surgery not required for health).
4. Treatment for a pet who is terminally ill, with little or no chance of survival.
5. Routine dental cleaning.
6. Routine care such as annual vet exams, vaccines, routine tests or screens.

A Heart2Heart pilot program paying the costs for spaying or neutering of cats and kittens at
the Alter-Ations CATsNIP Clinic in Viroqua is available to income-eligible La Crosse County

Heart2Heart is not responsible for loss of pet due to any procedure or service performed.

Here are income guidelines to help you assess whether you are eligible for a grant.


A person or group of people, related or not, who usually (though not necessarily) live together and whose income and consumption of goods and services are related.

All sources of gross income, including overtime, in the household before any deductions are made. This also includes, but is not limited to, child support, unemployment, and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) payments

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