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Happy Hearts

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Something was very wrong when Ellen got her dog Lucy to the vet. Upon examination, Lucy is believed to have had a stroke. Following this, her blood work was normal, and her medication was reviewed for correct dosage and that the instructions were clear for giving the meds. Lucy happened to have fleas was able to get help with this as well. We hope all stays well for Lucy and Ellen!

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Brothers can squabble but sometimes it gets out of hand. Handsome Gregory got attacked by his brother! He needed care and Bianca was able to get help from Heart2Heart Pet Lifeline. Sutures have been removed and incisions are healing well. Would either of these dogs have benefited from some from some behavior training? You can find out what is available at

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Think about it. Your ears itch and are getting redder. Your skin itches and is splotchy and sore. Now you want to scratch the back of your neck. This was Kyle’s condition when Julie got for her 5 year old schnauzer/corgi mix some help. Poor Kyle had fleas, a yeast infection in his ears, and bacterial dermatitis on his coat. With medication this guy is now doing alright. Heart2Heart Pet Lifeline is so glad to have been of help.

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Carly knew something was going wrong because Divo was not acting like himself. He didn’t want to move, didn’t want to eat, didn’t want to drink. The veterinarian found that Divo had a fever and a painful abdomen. After getting the right care, Carly said that Divo is back to his usual sweet self.

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Four-year-old Pepper’s ears hurt and his hair was falling out, so Clifford came to us for help. We don’t know the details but we did learn that Pepper’s troubles are over and he is back to his handsome, furry self.

Running as fast as you can is really fun as long as you see the fence that is ahead of you. Poor Baily was thinking of other things as he happily dashed along. The fence brought him a cut leg and chest and Rafe got him to the vet for help. Rafe said the vet did such a wonderful job sewing Baily up and that Baily is back in top form.


Phillip had some problems requiring hospitalization and has a precious dog buddy named Mick. With help from social services staff at Gundersen Health System as well as Fun Fur Pets a plan was made. Coulee Region Humane Society staff were able to arrange transportation to Fun Fur Pets for Mick who then lived at Fun Fur Pets for two weeks while Phillip got the care he needed and was able to settle in. Phillip is incredibly grateful for the assistance that was provided so that he did not have to give up his beloved pup due to hospitalization.

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Carl was distraught when he filled out his grant application. His best dog pal Mel was having trouble walking. A visit with the veterinarian uncovered the problem. Mel had Lyme disease for which he got medication and is on the mend. Carl is incredibly thankful and relieved to get the financial help that allowed him to take Mel to the vet to figure out what was wrong.

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Banjo is a pretty silly cat: active, bouncy with just the right amount of goofy.  Handsome too. He makes Nat laugh every day.  Then something changed and Banjo got way too quiet.  A visit to the vet found Banjo running a fever.  Fluids and the right help got him back on his paws and Nat is so happy to have Banjo feeling well and bounding around again.

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Derek just got his beloved cat Harvey up-to-date on vaccinations and licensing. If he hadn’t, he would have had to give up his housing or his cat. Thanks to you, he has both.

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Cupid is just a pup, having a hard time with vomiting, breathing heavily, a high temperature, and diarrhea. Anna got him to the vet where a fecal analysis was done and a dewormer given. We don’t always get to hear the rest of the story but we hope it was a heavy load of worms, now gone and that Cupid is back to being a rambunctious pup.

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You can keep a close eye on your dog and something can still go in the mouth that doesn’t belong there.  Amore ate something off the ground and it led to diarrhea and lethargy.  This lasted a couple days so Arla got Amore to the vet, some fluids and mild foods helped Arla mend and all is well again for this sweet dog.

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