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Matt looovved his cat Jinny but Jinny had lots of troubles: wheezing, throwing up, too firm a tummy. One vet visit got Jinny the food and medication she needed but something still wasn’t right. Another vet visit turned up an ear infection. With help from Heart2Heart Jinny got treated and, to Matt’s delight, she is finally back to her sweet and sassy self.

We are so grateful to Coulee Region Humane Society for the profoundly important work done to help pets in our community.  A very kind, very anxious man came in to reclaim his darling emotional support pup, Buster.  There were a few obstacles relating to housing requirements and the dog’s unneutered condition.  Staff at CRHS pulled together available resources (including ours!) and this dog is back home, licensed, vaccinated, and has a plan to be neutered. 

Think how hard it is to be homeless and trying to make a go of it with three adored cats.  Stephie had the wonderful opportunity to move from a homeless shelter to permanent housing.  She would not make the transition without her three precious three: Drake, Carla, and Moonbeam.

Because of your support, all three cats got vaccinated and licensed and were able to make the move with Stephie.  What a happy day that was!

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Don’t you want the dog with this precious face to be well?  Laura knew her precious Daisy was in trouble.  The number of bladder stones Daisy developed were affecting her bladder and overall health.  Much needed surgery went well and Daisy is on the mend. 

With your help, Miranda’s troubles were made a bit easier.  Miranda was able to get into transitional housing but wouldn’t leave her best friends, 4 dogs, behind.  Because of your support, all the dogs got up to date on rabies vaccinations and licensing so that they could safely enter this new home.  One worry eased for Miranda. 

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Leanne knew something was very wrong with her 16 year old sweetie cat, Leo.  With information about blood work, Leanne made the heart-breaking decision to have Leo euthanized.  All of you know how difficult this is.  Getting to the vet earlier may not have saved Leo but we always want to get pets the care they need as soon as possible, in the hope that early care can make a difference.  Our hearts go out to Leanne.

Three year old cat Zina who had nerve damage on her tail that required a tail amputation. Erin got her the vet care she needed and now her tail is 7mm shorter.  We wish her well with her new short tail! 

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Starburst likes to jump.  Starburst is a 10 year old dog who maybe should slow down on his jumping.  Sure enough, he jumped off the bed, landed badly and his person, Patrick, suspected a dislocated shoulder.  The vet found luxating patella, and with some care, Starbust has improved.  Patrick says that Starburst is a persistent guy, and will jump down from furniture without help. Pet steps are on the way for this lively dog. 

Marlie’s her three year old dog March was having trouble walking.  March got to the vet where she was hospitalized for testing.  March is thought to have been exposed to something toxic.  She got much needed care and was able to recover and return home.  The vet thinks she is doing well. 

Spoiler – this dog is fine and healthy!  Holly thought her dog, Sugar, ingested rat poison and needed help fast.  The staff at Coulee Region Humane Society moved quickly to help get Sugar to the vet.  You could hear the sigh of relief and gratitude when the blood clotting test results were normal. 

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Joanie’s three year old husky, Dako was showing signs of pain and moving uncomfortably. The veterinarian found a bladder stone and poor Dako needed surgery to remove it. Joanie reports that Dako is recovering very well – slow moving for a few days but getting back to her playful self. Joanie thanks Heart2Heart supporters for helping her pal get well.

Francisco is a 9 year old Chihuahua who was hit by a car when he ran into the road. The people who accidently hit him rushed him to the nearest veterinary clinic where he received much needed emergency care. It took great teamwork to find Franciso’s family and work out the cost of this unexpected medical emergency. After a few days Francisco was back home after his  harrowing experience and is recovering well.  Thanks to all of you who donate and lightened the load for Franciso’s people.

Painted Heart

Cold?  In need of shelter?  Love your dog?  Michael loves Boscoe and Michael didn’t want to enter a shelter without him.  Thanks to you Boscoe was able to get the vaccinations he needed to go into a shelter with Michael.  Their world became a tiny bit better.


Heart2Heart is grateful to get these referrals. Sharon and her cat Freddie needed to get to into housing and Freddie needed to be current on vaccinations to qualify. Freddie got his required vax and Sharon says he is adjusting well to his new home.

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Sometimes one thing leads to another. Katie’s sweet cat, 5 year old Ronnie, had blood in his urine and a fever. In the process of getting a urinalysis, Ronnie was found to have some rough dental problems requiring extractions. Urinary tract infection treated, teeth pulled and Ronnie is back to being his sweet, playful self. Katie thanks you all for your help.

Happy Hearts