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Happy Hearts

Declan Kris Hoff.jpg

Itchy, scaly skin. Scratching and nuzzling. Duke was very uncomfortable. Kara, his person, heard about Heart2Heart and came for help. Help she got in the form of a steroid and antibiotic her her buddy Duke. It took a couple weeks but he is feeling much better. Kara thank you all for your help.

P.S. Isn't he cute?

Willow S&KCarpenter.jpg

Your cat’s skin is turning yellow? Kristine got her sweet Willa, who hadn’t been eating well, some help. We don’t know what was wrong, but fluids, proper meds, and a week’s time and Willa is feeling much better.

Spike Eric Siddons.jpg

It's the first time we could help a bearded dragon! This poor guy, Spike, couldn’t poop and didn’t want to eat. A laxative, special food and care directions and Spike is doing OK. Evan says Spike is not back to 100% and he has all our good wishes to feel better fast.

Punkin Lacey Collins_edited.jpg
Ni-Night Lacey Collins_edited_edited_edited_edited.png

Sugar and Sweet Pie were both fussing over their eyes. Concerned about pink eye, Lori wanted to get help. After a visit to the vet, both cats got eye drops to clear up the condition. It turns out that Sweet Pie had some dental problems too and those got fixed up as well. Lori is very thankful to get both her darling cats back to good health.

Mateayo Kaila Dahnert.jpg

How scary to have your new kitten get sick. Little Matt had an upper respiratory infection and needed help. Kaylynn came to us for help and help she got. Now Matt is scrambling and playing like the healthy kitten he is.

Bandit Dawn Pettit_edited.png

We don’t know all about the whole story but we do know that this bunny got help. Mr. Bunny was panting heavily and Dana was concerned about respiratory issues. A visit to the vet with the right treatment took care of the inflammation and Mr. Bunny is playing, eating and drinking as usual. Glad this cute guy is mended!

Rex Sarah Ostrovschi1_edited_edited.jpg

It smells great, looks interesting, and down it goes. Poor Tex, a lively 2 year old, ate something he wasn’t supposed to and got a bowel obstruction. He needed surgery immediately to remove the object. Sofia was able to get him in for surgery and Tex has recovered well. Staff at Coulee Region Humane Society process grants for Heart2Heart Pet Lifeline. Thanks to them for their fast action in getting help. Thanks to all of you who donate. Thanks to all the veterinary staff who help us care for our beloveds! A happy ending.

Church Chelsae Gallup.jpg

Don’t you feel rotten when you catch a cold? Char’s cat Chase a four month old, female cat, was pretty miserable with a severe URI. Char got Chase the veterinary care she needed. With prescribed antibiotics, Chase is back to her kitten self, eating, chasing, and purring like crazy.

Prince Kim Young post surgery 2.jpg

Cats and urinary tract problems happen all too often. Kate’s cat, handsome Praline, had a urinary blockage that required surgery. Because of your support, Praline got the needed surgery and is doing very well, completely recovered (and got rid of the cone!). Kate and Praline thank you.

Chandler David Baxley.jpg

Big, lively Charles had a sore paw, slowing down his happy romps. Damien got him veterinary care resulting in a biopsy and amputated toe. All is well and Charles doesn’t miss that toe at all.

Sissy Cheyenne Cardo.jpg

Flea infestation. Flea dermatitis. Are you scratching yet? Cheryl was very thankful for the assistance that we was able to provide for her pretty cat Sassy, who was itchy and grumpy. Now Sassy feels better – so Cheryl feels better too!

George Christina Rowe.jpg

Seizures are frightening and Gambit was having them. Thanks to you, Caroline got Gambit the care he needed. He doesn’t love his new food but he is eating it, and the medication is doing its job. Gambit hasn’t had any more seizures.

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