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How about this handsome guy! Pete, a four year old Pitbull had a torn ACL that needed repairing. After the surgery, Cary said that Pete is doing very well: eating normally, with enough energy that he needs to be held back a bit. Pete is starting to put weight on his leg and everybody is so happy with how well Pete is healing. 

Poor Blossom was urinating on herself and coughing. Tara got her to the vet. Blossom had kennel cough and has almost recovered. Blossom is also incontinent, and Tara is happy to work with this and manage it. For her beautiful Blossom. Tara thanks all of you for the help.

Look at this sweet face. 5 year old Bailey’s leg was badly broken. Heart2Heart helped Sarah with vet visits to get his leg mended. Now Baily is managing but may need either corrective surgery or leg amputation in the future. We all wish them well.

Nola, was vomiting, had a swelling in her chest, and was lethargic.  Amber got her dog to the vet where Nola was also found to have swollen, itchy skin in her groin area.  Nola had an allergic reaction to something and got the needed help from the veterinarian.  Nola improved quickly and is almost back to her old self. and believed she was having an allergic reaction to something. She was given a couple of injections to help treat her. Amber thanks all of you for supporting Heart2Heart and making life better for her precious pup.

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Victor’s dog Garrison was attacked by two other dogs. He didn’t suffer a bite wound but did come away with a bad limp.  Victor was concerned about damage such as a ligament tear and got financial help to get Garrison to the vet.  After rest and medication, Garrison is doing much better and Victor hopes he will make a full recovery.  Hard to see your beloved get hurt and Victor is so grateful for your help.

The growth on Muffin’s head is cancerous and thinking is that she might live 6 to 8 months.  Shannon now knows where she stands with her precious pig and is determined to make the best of the time they have together.  Anyone reading this knows how difficult this is and wishes you many good days with Maple.

A happy story! Angie’s cat, Rena, was at the vet clinic to be spayed when the vet discovered a severe ear infection that could cause permanent damage to her hearing. H2H helped cover the medication needed to treat the infection.  Now Rena is spayed and the infection has been treated!  Good news all around.


What happens when your pet is lethargic, stops eating, and barely drinks three days and your income is low. You worry. You get help. With worries running from bowel obstruction to cancer, Brenda did what it took to get her dog Rockie to the vet. Upon examination, the vet found a very painful area, likely an injury. Rockie responded well to anti-inflammatory medication and has recovered. He is eating and drinking, running and jumping and playing and zooming just as usual. Brenda thanks all of you for your generosity which allowed Rockie to get the veterinary care that he needed.

Happy Hearts