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Duchess was not eating well and was losing weight. Her mom, Patty, tried a variety of foods and hand feeding to make things better. It turns out that this 8 year old Pomeranian, was in desperate need of a dental care. With your help, Duchess was able to get the care she needed which included several extractions. As her mouth heals, Duchess is eating better and putting on weight. Last we heard, Duchess and Patty were camping, both over the moon to be doing normal things together again.

Darren is homeless.  As is true for many of us, his best friend is his dog.  Her name is Sarah and Sarah was attacked by another dog. With multiple puncture wounds, Sarah needed veterinary care fast. Darren had no funds to be able to pay for the vet visit. Darren got steered to our program and Coulee Region Humane Society processed the Heart2Heart grant quickly.  Kind and generous vet clinic staff made the required co-payment for Darren.  (We love our vet clinic staff!)  Sarah was able to be seen quickly and get the care she needed.  After one vet visit, she is healing well and back to her happy and goofy self.

Sometimes, we get a break and our pet’s problem is not as bad as our worry. Frito is a 10 year old Chihuahua, much loved by Carla.  Frito had symptoms that made Carla fear an intestinal blockage.  A visit to the vet turned up an anal gland abscess – bad enough, but easier to work with.  Frito had her glands expressed, got a stool softener and an antibiotic.  Frito is well on her way to feeling better and Carla is very grateful for the help.

The stories we tell really make the point. We don’t want pets to suffer in homes because they can’t get the vet care they need. We don’t want pets to be surrendered or euthanized because of resolvable medical issues. We do want to help pets be healthy in loving homes. So here is another story: Noreen’s 15 week old Shepard/Husky mix, Gerry, was lethargic, not eating or drinking well, and had discolored poop. She knew this pup needed help but didn’t have the resources. She contacted Coulee Region Humane Society for help and learned about our program. With help from a loan fund, and a grant from us, Gerry got to the vet. The vet determined it was a gastrointestinal upset, no blockage. Gerry was given fluids and the medication she needed. Noreen says Gerry is now fantastic again. Thanks to you there is another pet in good health in a happy family. Noreen was surprised by and grateful for the help she could get for her Gerry.

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