Happy Hearts

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We try to keep an eye on our pets but sometimes they escape our attention. Carla’s dog Apollo got into an altercation with another dog and Apollo had some scrapes that needed attention. Thankfully the injuries sustained didn’t require any stitches. Apollo was prescribed antibiotics and given some topical ointment. We hope he has recovered from his scare. 

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What was that lump in Sweetie Pie’s ear? Portia’s 8 year old cockapoo mix, Baby Doll, had a growth by her ear that was getting bigger. A visit to the clinic provided information and the growth needed to be removed. Thanks to you Sweetie Pie is feeling better and bounced back to her normal self post-surgery. 

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The skin in and around Buddy’s ears was not looking good – sore and some unpleasant discharge. A visit with the veterinarian put this handsome bulldog to rights – a medicated shampoo, an antibiotic and Buddy is on the mend. Buddy’s dad, Cliff, thanks you all for your support. 

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Cara’s precious 11 year old lab Oakley was having trouble breathing. Bloodwork was done and the veterinarian prescribed trazadone to help with anxiety which was the cause of the breathing problems. Fortunately for Oakley, hypothyroidism was also diagnosed. It took some effort to balance Oakley’s medication and he has now adjusted well. Cara is very grateful for the help in getting her best guy back to health.

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It seems lots of pets have quit eating and drinking of late! Poor Gilly was getting to be in rough shape when Sharyn got her to the vet. Scans were done and Gilly had a kitten stuck, requiring an emergency spay. The procedure was done, Gilly make it through just fine. We hope Gilly and Sharyn are doing well.

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Sometimes one thing leads to another. Katie’s sweet cat, 5 year old Ronnie, had blood in his urine and a fever. In the process of getting a urinalysis, Ronnie was found to have some rough dental problems requiring extractions. Urinary tract infection treated, teeth pulled and Ronnie is back to being his sweet, playful self. Katie thanks you all for your help