Meet very handsome Thor, much loved by his person.  Thor got an infection on his tail and it wasn't helped with antibiotics.  There was a danger of systemic infection unless Thor's tail was amputated.  Heart2Heart stepped in.  While Thor lost his tail, his life was saved.  Thor's owner is so grateful for your support.

woman's dog saved
cat dental care

Simba, a handsome boy, just 2 years old, was brought to a shelter to be surrendered.  He had urinary crystals and his mom, Cheryl, didn't have the money for veterinary care.  She wanted him to find a home where he could get the care he needed.  Shelter staff were able to step in with Heart2Heart funds so that this sweet cat could get care and stay in the very best home, with the person who already loved him.  Once again, a family stayed together because of your support.

Jen's dog, Duster, was hit by a car.  She did not have sufficient financial resources to cover the cost of veterinary care and came to Coulee Region Humane Society to surrender her dog. Her heart was breaking. CRHS staff reviewed the options for financing and was able to use Heart2Heart funds in covering the cost.  The dog received the needed vet care.  Look at their faces! Jen and the dog are so happy to be together.  One dog kept out of a shelter, one family kept together.  Your support turned sorrow into joy.

Coal would like to thank all the Heart2Heart supporters for making his life soooo much better.  He suffered from, well, very bad constipation and it took some help from the vet to set him back to rights.  He is purring once again!  (Constipation can be dangerous and Coal is lucky he was cared for before he got in very serious trouble.)

Beau’s responsible owner took Beau in for a health check prior to having him neutered.  She got the news that Beau was cryptorchid and that the surgery was more expensive than she could afford.  Beau is a fabulous dog and she was struggling with the idea of surrendering him.  A combination of Heart2Heart funds and Coulee Region Humane Society S.N.A.P. funds gave her the financial help she needed to get Beau neutered.

Candace’s beloved little Chihuahua, Sally, had pyometra - a uterine infection - and needed an emergency spay. Sally had her surgery and took it easy for a few days with Candace.  Sally took her mediation like a little trooper.  Within a couple days, she was her frisky self, barking and playing with her brother, Gizmo, and squabbling gently over treats.  Candace is incredibly grateful for your help with Sally’s serious problem.  Thank you!

Who wants to have 16 teeth extracted.  Worse, who wants to need to have 16 teeth extracted.  Bella was in tough shape with dental problems.  Thanks to you, 16 teeth came out and Bella is a whole new kitty. Donna was amazed at the change in Bella once her dental care was done. Bella is eating very well, gaining some weight and is much happier now that her mouth no longer hurts. 

Bella Krisa Prince small_edited.jpg

Want more pep in your step? Christa’s dog Beauty sure did. Beauty had a badly infected wound on her leg from a dog bite. Because of your help, Beauty got help! She was given antibiotics and pain meds and, though she is still healing and may still need a leg splint, Beauty is much more herself. She is engaged with the world around her which includes barking at the birds in her yard. Christa is happy to be hearing that bark again.

cat helped with veterinary care

Another cat in trouble gets some help! Bowie had a urinary blockage that required surgery. Thanks to you, he was able to get that surgery which was successful. While Bowie looks pretty sad pre-surgery, he went home, healed well and is bouncing around the house with his best friend, Richard.

Lydia has a service dog, Zeus, who needed a tumor removed.  This dog is her life line and support system.  The surgery estimate was considerably beyond Lydia’s means.  Her plan was to wait and hope for the best.  Someone suggested she contact Coulee Region Humane Society to see if there was any help for her.  Because of your support, Heart2Heart was able to step up. With help from us and from her friends, she was able to get the surgery for best friend.  Things went well for Zeus and he healed beautifully.  Lydia is so happy and appreciates how much this program helped her.  She thanks all of you for your support.

Hopey desperately needed dental help.   She was sick and eating was difficult.  You provided the means for helping this pretty cat.  She had surgery and, after a couple days,  she was the Hopey that the family hadn’t seen in a very long time. Hopey is so much happier, flopping on her side to get pets and purring up a storm. Hopey and her favorite human, Gracie, are so happy to be back happy and healthy time together.

Cat tail surgery

Kittens and their tails! Archer is the 2nd cat we have helped with a partial tail amputation. He got his tail shut in a door and it was badly damaged. Archer is so agile - he is doing fine with the tail he has left.

Roscoe Tyra Nehring.jpg
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We would like to help before things get this tough. Two year old, very handsome Boscoe had been exhibiting signs of a urinary tract infection. This cat became 100% blocked and in deep trouble when his person found our help. A loan and a grant made it possible to get Boscoe the vet care he badly needed to save his life. His urethra was flushed and he passed the blockage on his own. Boscoe is urinating normally and eating prescription food. He will need good maintenance care to keep him out of trouble and we hope he avoids these problems forever! Your support helped save the life of this cat.

Pets need dental care! Bobbie’s 5 year old Muffy just quit eating. It got just too hard for him with his bad teeth. It turns out that Muffy needed several teeth extracted. With a small loan and help from Heart2Heart donors, Muffy got that dental care he desperately needed. Given a soft food diet, Muffy is healing well, eating and drinking. He should be back to his old self soon.

Marshall was worried because 11 year old Precious wasn’t eating. He took her to her vet and she had troubles: dental work including extractions. The need for care had become urgent. With your help, Precious got the care she needed. Her mouth is tender from the surgery but she is back to speed on eating! And isn't she pretty! Marshall is very grateful for the assistance he got from Heart2Heart.

Sometimes we are part of a team experts, loans, credit and savings coming together to helping someone with a rough patch. Mikhail, Kara’s 13 year old kitty, was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and wasn’t able to tolerate the medication to treat it and had a poor response to the prescription diet. With help from her vet, Kara and Mikhail got referred to the Animal Emergency and Referral Center of Minnesota. Vets there found this otherwise healthy cat to be a good candidate for a radioactive iodine injection. Because of your support, we were able to contribute some help in getting Mikhail the care he needed. It was a long road for these two and now it is time to be happy. Mikhail is doing very well. Kara and Mikhail thank you for helping them through a very difficult time.

Cheryl’s beloved Staffordshire terrier, Serena, was struggling with low appetite, vomiting, itching, and low energy for a couple of months. Uncertain of the cause of all these issues, Serena was treated with with antibiotics and other medications to treat symptoms. Although her appetite is not quite back up to normal Serena has her energy back and is acting more herself. She is on the right track and, we hope, will back back to normal soon.

We know that dental problems can relate to other problems. Kathy’s rabbit, Babe, had eyes that just kept watering. When he saw the vet, it was discovered that his eyes were watering because his molars were badly overgrown! Because of your support, Babe was able to get his molars cut down. Fortunately there was no gum/dental disease. After a week of a special diet Babe is making a quick recovery.

It’s all about love. Tammy came in on February 14th, seeking help for her 10 year old, sweet cat Dewey. Dewey’s pain seemed to be in his abdomen and Tammy was worried about surgery for him. We were able to assist and Dewey had a thorough check at the vet. His stomach is fine but Dewey has arthritis – enough to cause him pain. With some initial help from anti-inflammatory meds and ongoing supplements to support his joints, Dewey is back to his lovey self and Tammy is happy!

Puppies can get in serious trouble. Dusty, Barbara’s 18 week old Pitbull mix puppy had ingested something she shouldn’t have. She had been lethargic for about four days, vomiting water and the ingested material, with diarrhea, before Barbara came in requesting assistance. Heart2Heart was able to assist with the expenses. Dusty needed exploratory surgery during which vet was able to remove the foreign material that she had eaten. Because of your help, Dusty is doing incredibly well! She is back to her healthy self and is quickly on her way to recovery.

Sweet, old Sim had lost significant weight over the course of a short time. With the assistance Heart2Heart was able to provide, Loretta was able to take Sim to the vet where he was found to have considerable inflammation in his mouth.  No wonder he didn’t want to eat!  Sim was given antibiotics and steroids to bring the down the inflammation.   Sim is doing much better now, is able to eat more comfortably, and is finding some of that lost weight. (Isn't he adorable?)

Kerry needed financial assistance for Gigi, her 10 year old Jack Russell Terrier. Kerry takes good care of her pup, taking GiGi in regularly for routine care. At her routine vet visit, it was discovered that Gigi had a broken molar tooth near her gum line and damaged a couple of other teeth. Kerry was very surprised at first but then realized GiGi had been quite herself and this made some sense – poor Gigi was in pain! With help of a loan, and a grant from us, GiGi was able to get the surgery she needed. With three extractions and a week of R&R GiGi is clearly feeling better.: She’s more active, her she’s eating and drinking, her mouth is healing well and the rest of her teeth are in great condition for her age. Kerry thanks you all, so pleased to get this help for her best girl.

Sometimes, we get a break and our pet’s problem is not as bad as our worry. Frito is a 10 year old Chihuahua, much loved by Carla. Frito had symptoms that made Carla fear an intestinal blockage. A visit to the vet turned up an anal gland abscess – bad enough, but easier to work with. Frito had her glands expressed, got a stool softener and an antibiotic. Frito is well on her way to feeling better and Carla is very grateful for the help.

Twelve year old Mama Kitty just stopped eating. Julie got her to the vet where it was found that Mama Kitty’s mouth was in very bad shape, including formation of abscesses around her teeth. With help from Heart2Heart ($300) Julie was able to get Mama Kitty the dental she needed. Mama Kitty is still recovering – 9 extractions and pain meds are slowing her down but she is eating more and getting better every day.

Katrina’s ten year old cat, Java, was in need of a dental care but it was complicated. Java had a lingering cough for which there was not a diagnosis. This greatly concerned Katrina as she was afraid that unknown cause of the cough might affect Java’s chances of recovering from anesthesia. Katrina searched for a solution (at her own expense) and found a clinic that offered a plan that took this cough into account. Antibiotics got the cough under control. Then, with help from us, Java was able to have the much needed surgery including 4 extractions. Only one more antibiotic injection was given and this cat is on the mend. Katrina took such care in finding the best solution for her cat. We are so glad we were able to help Katrina and Java find the way to good health. PS Java is another drop dead gorgeous cat, isn’t she?

Rose (isn't she beautiful?) and her person, Thomas are quite a pair. Rose is a spitfire and Thomas loves her with all her quirks and energy. Rose sometimes acts without thinking. She jumped out of Thomas’s car and was struck by another vehicle. There was a lot of damage to one leg and tissue began to die rather than heal. Rose needed to have her leg amputated and Thomas needed some financial help. With a loan and some help from Heart to Heart, they both got the help they needed. Lacking a leg hasn’t slowed Rose down a bit. She loves going for walks, jumping up on the couch, and is as crazy as ever which, of course, is part of how she keeps Thomas charmed.