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Recognizing the healing power of companion animals, the mission of Heart2Heart Pet Lifeline is to keep pets out of shelters and rescues and help owners keep them in loving homes. To that end, we provide financial assistance for veterinary care to income-eligible pet families in need who do not have other options for care. No owner should have to choose between medical care and euthanizing or surrendering a pet.

We are a new nonprofit organization in the La Crosse, WI area, hoping to make a difference. We work with Coulee Region Humane Society and other pet rescue organizations, as well as local veterinarians, to identify clients and award grants not to exceed $400 for services needed to keep pets healthy and in loving homes.

Happy Hearts

Angel was limping and Linda was worried about her young cat. With your help, Angel was able to be examined by a vet. Nothing was broken but Angel got some medication to help with pain and inflammation. Linda is counting on a full recovery for her best pal. Angel, who is 8 months old, is unfazed in her recovery and is now is as rambunctious as a kitty her age would be. Linda was very thankful for the assistance we were able to provide.

Anna faced a horrible situation when both of her dogs were hit by a vehicle. One of the dogs was beyond help and the other, Remi, was in need of immediate medical care. Remi lost a lot of blood and received fluids, antibiotics, and anti-inflammatory meds. Her wounds were cleaned and treated. Remi is still on the road to recovery but her wounds are healing and she is showing signs of her spunky self. Our hearts go out to Anna for the loss of her dog and we are so glad that our donors made it possible to get the help needed for Remi.

Maggi’s best friend, Daisy May, had never had her teeth cleaned and the condition of her mouth was worsening. She would eat only eat sparingly and only if Maggi hand fed her. Because of your help, Daisy May was able to get the care she needed. With four teeth extracted and a dental cleaning, she is a whole new dog. She’s healing well, eating on her own again, has a vibrant pep in her step, and tail that won’t stop wagging. Maggi is incredibly thankful for the assistance that our donors provide. You can find more happy endings at

We have helped a number of dogs with dog bites recently. Joseph got some help from us for his best girl, Faith. Faith was attacked by another dog resulting in multiple puncture wounds that needed to be addressed immediately. Faith got that help and is doing much better. Vets have taken good care to assure that she heals well. Part of that care is having Faith wear a cone and Joseph says she is not a fan! He also thanks all of you who support Heart2Heart. Because of you, Faith is recovering. You can find more happy endings at

Derek knew something was wrong with his beloved dog Tina. It turns out she has many age related problems including, a grade 4 heart murmur, dental disease with recommendation of extractions, pain and weakness in legs, enlarged spleen, and enlarged liver. Derek was sent home with medication to treat symptoms and provide comfort. Decisions can be so painful. Derek is grateful that he was able to take Tina to the vet and learn the gravity of her situation. He decided not to move forward with more vet care for his girl. Thanks to you, Derek has knowledge and Tina has comfort and we wish them many good times together.

Aaron’s 17 year old Dachshund, Monkey, needed immediate attention when he was attacked by another dog who was off leash. With half a dozen lacerations on his neck, Monkey was in rough shape. H2H was able to assist Eric and Monkey with an extensive emergency vet bill. Monkey has still needs to have the drain tubes out of the stitched up lacerations. It is a slow process but Monkey is doing well. Eric is so grateful for the assistance H2H was able to provide to help his beloved pet, Monkey. Thanks to all of you who made this help possible.

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