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Recognizing the healing power of companion animals, the mission of Heart2Heart Pet Lifeline is to keep pets out of shelters and rescues and help owners keep them in loving homes. To that end, we provide financial help for veterinary services and other pet needs to income eligible pet families in need who do not have other options for care. No owner should have to choose between medical care and euthanizing or surrendering a pet.

We are a nonprofit organization hoping to make a difference. We work with Coulee Region Humane Society and other pet rescue organizations, as well as local veterinarians, to identify clients and award grants needed to keep pets healthy and in loving homes.

Making the world a better place

one pet at a time.

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Happy Hearts

ava and odelia.jpg

Ava received assistance from H2H for her dog Odelia who had an emergency vet visit and potentially ingested items other than food. Memory Foam is for sleeping on, not eating. Odelia passed it and all is good now.

Luca Bear Barbara Chambers.jpg

Beth received assistance from Heart2Heart for her 4 month old pup, Lonnie, who was vomiting and lethargic. The vet found he had a bowel obstruction requiring surgery. As it turns out he ate a nerf ball. He is recovering and Beth is grateful!

Kujo Leslie Farrell_edited.jpg

Lisa applied for assistance for her 7 year old dog, Kookie, who had been sick for about a month - had been throwing up, not eating, and getting weaker. After exhausting their savings the next step was to do exploratory surgery. As it turns out, he had a bowel obstruction after eating something that looked like a nut or pit about the size of a walnut but smooth. He is doing much better.

Beauty Paula.jpg

Paula was very grateful to get assistance  her 10 year old mini dachshund, Beauty. She had an infection following a dental which was treated with antibiotics but is now doing well.

Fiona Sue_edited.jpg

Sue received assistance  for her 16 year old cat, Fiona, whom she stated was having respiratory issues. When she was taken to the vet she was treated for urinary tract issues and given antibiotics. During her recheck Fiona continued to have urinary issues.

Charlie Julie_edited.jpg

Julie received assistance from H2H for her seven year old lab, Charlie, who had a mass that needed to be removed from his back. Per Julie, Charlie is doing well. She’s just trying to keep him calm while he heals.


Jane received assistance for her 3 year old cat, Freddie, who had a UTI and needed an ultrasound to check for kidney/bladder stones. Frog was able to get an ultrasound to rule out any kidney/bladder stones. None were found which was such a relief. He’s now on a wet food diet and has been feeling a lot better.


Allergies and infections! Poor Oscar was so uncomfortable. His scratching at that itchy ear led to hot spots. Stace learned that Oscar has allergies. That is so tough on everyone – mostly Oscar - and we wish them well.


Lots of pets with itchy skin! Popcorn had a hotspot itched raw on his neck and it wasn’t getting better on its own. So, David got this precious kitten to the vet where medicated shampoo and antibiotics were provided to help. We wish Popcorn the best, hoping that hot spot is now long gone.

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