Recognizing the healing power of companion animals, the mission of Heart2Heart Pet Lifeline is to keep pets out of shelters and rescues and help owners keep them in loving homes. To that end, we provide financial help for veterinary services and other pet needs to income eligible pet families in need who do not have other options for care. No owner should have to choose between medical care and euthanizing or surrendering a pet.

We are a nonprofit organization hoping to make a difference. We work with Coulee Region Humane Society and other pet rescue organizations, as well as local veterinarians, to identify clients and award grants needed to keep pets healthy and in loving homes.

Making the world a better place

one pet at a time.

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Happy Hearts

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An impacted anal gland is pretty darn painful and, as we understand it, can burst if not cared for. Heart2Heart wants to help pets get well sooner rather than later! Fortunately for handsome cat Nick, Randy saw signs of anal gland problems and got help. Nick needed surgery but avoided the most difficult problems and Randy thanks you all for your help.

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Many of you reading this who have lived with cats have probably dealt with a cat’s renal failure. Jill’s beloved Cirrus had kidneys that were showing signs or trouble. His bloodwork showed a firm diagnosis and Jill learned to give handsome Cirrus the fluids he needs. All of us with Heart2Heart Pet Lifeline are wishing them well.

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Sometimes it’s hard to keep track of everything your pup is doing. Little Freda was spayed and needed to stay quiet for those sutures to heal. But Freda had other ideas and played hard with a dog friend. The sutures tore and Freda needed help. Sarah came to Heart2Heart Pet Lifeline for help and help she got. Freda got the sutures repaired and is on the mend.

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Derek just got his beloved cat Harvey up-to-date on vaccinations and licensing. If he hadn’t, he would have had to give up his housing or his cat. Thanks to you, he has both.

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Cupid is just a pup, having a hard time with vomiting, breathing heavily, a high temperature, and diarrhea. Anna got him to the vet where a fecal analysis was done and a dewormer given. We don’t always get to hear the rest of the story but we hope it was a heavy load of worms, now gone and that Cupid is back to being a rambunctious pup.

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You can keep a close eye on your dog and something can still go in the mouth that doesn’t belong there.  Amore ate something off the ground and it led to diarrhea and lethargy.  This lasted a couple days so Arla got Amore to the vet, some fluids and mild foods helped Arla mend and all is well again for this sweet dog.