Recognizing the healing power of companion animals, the mission of Heart2Heart Pet Lifeline is to keep pets out of shelters and rescues and help owners keep them in loving homes. To that end, we provide financial help for veterinary services and other pet needs to income eligible pet families in need who do not have other options for care. No owner should have to choose between medical care and euthanizing or surrendering a pet.

We are a nonprofit organization hoping to make a difference. We work with Coulee Region Humane Society and other pet rescue organizations, as well as local veterinarians, to identify clients and award grants needed to keep pets healthy and in loving homes.

Making the world a better place

one pet at a time.

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Happy Hearts


Phillip had some problems requiring hospitalization and has a precious dog buddy named Mick. With help from social services staff at Gundersen Health System as well as Fun Fur Pets a plan was made. Coulee Region Humane Society staff were able to arrange transportation to Fun Fur Pets for Mick who then lived at Fun Fur Pets for two weeks while Phillip got the care he needed and was able to settle in. Phillip is incredibly grateful for the assistance that was provided so that he did not have to give up his beloved pup due to hospitalization.

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Carl was distraught when he filled out his grant application. His best dog pal Mel was having trouble walking. A visit with the veterinarian uncovered the problem. Mel had Lyme disease for which he got medication and is on the mend. Carl is incredibly thankful and relieved to get the financial help that allowed him to take Mel to the vet to figure out what was wrong.

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Banjo is a pretty silly cat: active, bouncy with just the right amount of goofy.  Handsome too. He makes Nat laugh every day.  Then something changed and Banjo got way too quiet.  A visit to the vet found Banjo running a fever.  Fluids and the right help got him back on his paws and Nat is so happy to have Banjo feeling well and bounding around again.

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Lee feared her dog, Jay, had a broken toe.  He was limping heavily and not having fun.  A visit to the vet and Jay was found to have a dislocated toe, not a break!  The veterinarian popped the toe back in place and, within 2 days, Jay was chasing frisbees again.  Lee was thrilled to get help and to have such a good outcome for her pal. 


It is tough going when your cat has a litter box problem. Sasha had perfect litter box manners til she didn’t. Katie got her to the vet clinic and learned that Sasha had a urinary tract infection. The prescribed antibiotics cleared up the infection and Sasha is now healthy. And back to her perfect litter box manners.

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Things can get tough as we age.  15 year old shitszu, Lamie,  was having trouble with her teeth and ears. So, Ellie came to us for help and Lamie got to the vet.  The veterinarian found periodontal disease which could relate to the ear problems.  Lamie was also having problems with getting lost in the house and getting confused.  We know that Lamie got some medication for both the infections and cognitive disfunction.  We don’t know how she is doing now but wish this aging girl   well with all our hearts.